Our own spiritual path we have to travel, made possible with companionship

Our own spiritual path we have to travel, made possible with companionship

Our own spiritual path is an individual one. But without help, support, assistance and guidance, we can easily veer off from a healthy direction, making the path to the end goal a longer one.

The spiritual path

Like pathways on a mountain, we each have our own way to the top. Others are climbing the mountain with the same end objective – to reach the top. Only when reaching the top, we can finally see everything. Only at the top can we help everyone still working their way up.

While following the path, sometimes the journey is easy and comfortable. Other times we are in a place where we cannot see a way forward.

In times where we feel stuck, spiritual companionship is most helpful. Regardless of where on the mountain the companion is, they may be able to assist us.

Spiritual companions

If above, having traversed a similar way upwards, the companion could share their own direct experience.

If on a parallel level of the path, the companion may be able to see what is not clearly obvious to us, and suggest a path we may not have realized.

If below, the companion may be able to ask for guidance, and by teaching and reflecting on our own path and what we have previously learned, we may be able to see new possibilities on our own path.

Seeing clearly

At times, the mountain we climb is shrouded in clouds. There is a lack of clarity, of seeing clearly, knowing the way, and understanding which direction is the helpful one. In times of clouded vision, we still benefit from hearing from the companion. Perhaps with a reminder that patience is helpful, to not rush in a direction where we may lose our way or get hurt. Perhaps with a gentle suggestion of how to take shelter, from someone who has had the same experience.

The path

Spiritual companionship

Spiritual companionship is a very important of the spiritual path – without it we would be unable to discover what our actual purpose is, and stay on the path towards it.

The purpose at the top of the mountain

The top of the mountain, the end goal, the spiritual destination, is a simile for awakening to the way things are. So that by seeing clearly, we see what has been causing suffering in our lives. So that – by learning what it is – we are able to see through to the lack of substance, the insubstantiality, of what we used to hold as true. So that we can let go of the insubstantial, that we used to believe in.

So that our hearts can be free.